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5 Ways to Decorate with Plants

5 Ways to Decorate with Plants

Plants have a way to liven up a space which one reason why we think they should be in every home. Plus, plants just make us happy! No matter if you choose to go with faux or real greenery, the color and shape they can bring to a space will be beneficial. In this blog post, we wanted to explore a few ways you can incorporate some bright beautiful greenery into your home. Plants can be utilized in any home style so we hope you find something that inspires you to start your own plant family or maybe even continue to add on to your existing one!

Here are 5 different ways to decorate with plants:

1. Liven Up Dead Corners

You know that one corner in your home where nothing else fits? Fill it up with a clusters of potted greenery, plants, and trees. Combine different greenery in varying heights to give the corner new life and depth. Then, take the cluster approach and apply it to groups of smaller plants on floating shelves and coffee table centerpieces. Opt for plants of different shapes and sizes to create some visual texture and keep your space feeling dynamic.

Plant suggestions: Fiddle Leaf Fig, Pilea, Creeping Jenny, Elephant Bush, Snake Plant,


2. Use fronds or branches

Let's be honest, having plants requires at least some work and maintenance to ensure that they survive. If you're not too keen on having living plants that require your watchful eye, opt for a simpler and minimal approach. Instead of using an entire plant, why not add a frond or branch here and there? It adds that bit of plant beauty and looks great with bohemian or modern designs. We think this option is perfect for who travel frequently or rent out their home for parts of the year because of their low maintenance and easy replaceability. 

Plant suggestions: Palm Frond, Monstera Leaf, Eucalyptus, Bamboo Leaves

 palm frond as decor in bedroom



3. No floor space? Hang them!

Plant hangers are very on trend right now and they're available at pretty much any and every store these days. While most err on the side of bohemian, we found a few that were modern and industrial. We love taking trends that aren't particularly our style and turning it into something that we would love to have in our homes! These black metal hangers (pictured below) are stunning pieces and could be incorporated into any space. Also, hanging plants is sometimes necessary when you don't have enough space on the floor. You know those awkward empty spots on your walls that aren't quite right for artwork? Try hanging a plant! Let us know if you utilize this trick in the comments below.

Plant suggestions: Tillandsia (Air plant), Silver Philodendron, String of Bananas (See "This One" Below), String of Pearls


5. Say good morning and goodnight to your plants

Okay, not literally. But waking up to a small plant with that pop of green is sure to brighten your day instantly! Add a potted plant, preferably one that doesn't need a lot of sun, onto your nightstand or dresser--basically wherever you first look in the morning. Plants are scientifically proven to help clean your air, but there have been studies that prove they are great for our mental health too! 

Plant suggestions: Golden Pothos, Peace Lily, Aloe Vera, Night Blooming Cereus

plant on nightstand makes you happy

  • Laura Hinkes

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